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The Hate Is Real Y’all!!

This is my first blog post! Even though I am elated to finally have some time to blog, but what I am about to write about is very serious. As you probably know, hate crimes have increased against the Asian/Asian American community. I know what that feels like as a African American/Black woman living in America. You know what I also know? The reaction (or lack there of) of such treatment. When you are assaulted by hate it is not just the physical act that stays with you...its like being given a poison that works ever so slowly...

First it eats away at your confidence; your confidence in your ability to defend yourself and the system’s ability to protect you as well. Next to be affected is your perspective of people in general; stereotypes become more justifiable and realistic. Then comes confusion and division. Confusion as to why some people think/believe/teach one way, others another, and because there are now differences amongst brethren it leads to division. Now I do not think nor hope this happens in the Asian communities. As a matter of fact I think the Asian/Asian American culture(s) are more unified than African Americans/Black cultures so I the likelihood of division happening is low in my opinion.

I have read several articles about the racist incidents that have happened across the country against Asians and not one time has any of the articles mentioned this country’s issue with hate against people in general. Okay it may not be an issue with hate is a combination of a lack of self worth in comparison to other people and a lack of accountability aka the blame game. Usually when the blame game doesn’t work that is when people lean more towards racial slurs and use hateful language and actions to try to be heard, understood and most importantly ”right”. What makes a person “right”?

I want to share some of my beliefs with you...

There is no such thing as “right” or “wrong”...there is only action and reaction. Believing this helps me not think that everything is a personal attack...even if it is intentional. There is always a bigger picture and for my life I choose to focus on the bigger picture and only get caught up on the details if necessary. Right and wrong only applies to the individual's personal/moral beliefs. Some people worship God, some people worship Jesus, Mary, Buddha, the list goes on. However, for some reason the acknowledgment that we make a conscious decision to do what is best for us is widely overlooked including who we choose to give our energy and faith to. Yes, there are traditions that have been passed down from generation to generations, but have you ever stopped to think if the traditions you were raised to believe truly align with who you are as a individual being? Or if you are the one passing along the information, do you ever stop to think if the information you are passing along works WITH the person receiving the information?

My point is that there is unity if difference. When we acknowledge our individual strengths and zoom out to look at the bigger picture we can see a little more clearly where we fit in the jigsaw puzzle of life.

Right or wrong, there are people and energies that do not work well with individuals and/or groups of people. We can spend our time and resources combating it or we learn to work with it and allow the people who choose hate drink their own poison. When you encounter this type of person or situation here is what I recommend:

  1. Do NOT debate/argue. Say okay. Do not be in a rush to respond to ignorance. It is not you and if it is something you did or said correct it and move on/walk away...even if the other person is not satisfied. Leave them to deal with themselves and how they feel about the situation.

  2. When walking away is not an option always remember, you have a right to defend yourself. Defense is not always physical. Defending yourself is simply stating your truth of the situation and do not allow anyone to force their perspective on you. Never capitulate! However, this does NOT mean you argue until the person yields to your position either. Ideally, you want to reach a compromise/understanding.

  3. Take responsibility and accountability for you and you only. If you choose to help someone else that is perfectly fine, but before jumping into a situation that does not directly involve you make sure it aligns with the bigger picture of your own life path and more importantly be ready and able to take responsibility for the consequences of your actions.

Soul~Sentric does not condone the use of hatred in any form. My company was founded on the belief that everyone has value. I stand in unity with the Asian/Asian American cultures. Enough is enough.

Thank you for reading my first blog post!! Take care and be safe everyone!

Light and Love,

Soul Goddess

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