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Is a brand, but it is also a lifestyle. All our products are created and designed with one main intention in mind, growth. Self-care is more than just pampering, it is the nurturing on the Trinity of Self: Mind, Body, Spirit. We are honored to aid and support you in your journey of growth and creating a more positive and inclusive space for all people.

Mission Statement

SoulSentricSolutions LLC was started to help spread the awareness and importance of being and knowing who you are in order to build unbreakable communities where everyone is important and valued, as well as manifest the life you want for yourself.

This company was founded by me, Tiffany Collins while on my own self-discovery journey. And while I sell products that have helped me along the way I seek to share more than that with the world.

We live in a society that easily recognizes problems, however, has difficulty navigating the complexities of an individual....a person...a human; the most complex being of all on earth. Things such as emotions are disregarded yet the labels and “problem” lists we give people that process information differently are growing. Thus feeding a capitalistic mindset which can fuel egotistical arrogance, critical judgment of self and others, supports division and chaos, and limits productive conversations.

My personal mission is to help as many people as possible break out and away from this mindset as well as give helpful tips on how to engage others with this mindset. I am also open to partnering with other businesses or nonprofits who have similar goals.

Let’s take the necessary steps in order to truly form a world we all can harmonize in.

Light & Love