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I'm So Happy Someone Said It...

Over the weekend I read an article about Disney fanatics, "Disney Adults Don’t Care If You Hate Them. They’re Having Fun Anyway." by Michael Blackmon. In the article the particular lady that was interviewed said something that I really related to and had a very difficult time conveying, especially during this ongoing pandemic. Cari, a 47 year old educator went to Disneyland multiple times during the pandemic in 2020. "I agonized over whether it was the right thing to do, but those trips really helped us through the year," she said. “At the time, I felt like the whole world was very black and white — ‘stay home or you are a bad citizen!’ or ‘go out and live your life!’ she said. “There were certain risks I would take, and others I wouldn’t. We traveled by car and we’re comfortable with how Disney handled things, and knew that our trips did help people go back to work.”

I myself took a few trips during the pandemic as well; I needed it. I live in the Bay Area and even though there is over 1 million people in San Jose alone, I have no family or friends here that I truly connected with in a intimate way that allowed me to bare my soul in order to lighted the load of stress I am carrying. Even though for me traveling during the least favorable time in history was necessary to maintain mental stability, I was treated like I was an irresponsible adult. My friends and I took every possible precaution including being tested before and after the trip, as well as took other people into consideration as much as possible. However, at what point does thinking about other people hinder us from being the best we can be as individuals? On a mental level it appears the more people that believe a certain philosophy causes others believe it and automatically makes that way or method the best for everyone. Why are statements like this only entertained when discussing nostalgic obsessions? Yet, when people need to get away for a piece of mind and/or dare I say motivation to survive it is frowned upon? I‘m sure my example is just one of hundreds of thousands of similar experiences.

I wrote this to encourage people to stop thinking and believing that they know what is best for others. If a person has not directly communicated issues going on in their personal life in details, chances are what they tell you does not even scratch the surface of their truth. Learn how you listen and communicate from a personable standpoint before making assumptions in any setting; especially professionally. Communication is needed more now than ever in our society. No one is transparent anymore. Trust and faith in humanity has been slowly chipped away at for a long time and it did not start after 9/11. It began as soon as people watched others get away with murder…literally and figuratively speaking. There are learned tactics and skills that have been praised unconsciously and one of them is manipulation. Whether subtle or not manipulation for personal gain affects more people than just the people involved because there is a certain mentality that is adopted when mistrust happens. This mistrust is embedded and passed down. I encourage everyone to stop and take the time to think, reflect, and ask questions prior to assuming, and always know that everyone has a right to protect themselves and do what is best for them, especially in regards to their family and loved ones.

Even as individuals we all have the unique ability to change the trajectory of humanity in the future. By recognizing we only have the ability to control ourselves and how we interact with people with opposing perspectives and different ways to accomplish their goals and dream. It is through this level of respect can people develop the move, think, and see with a layer or strong foundation of compassion. We just need people brave enough to be the example.

Light & Love


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